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I have been field recording professionally for well over 12 years and I have come to realize it is easily one of my favorite things to do to gather quality source as a Sound Designer.


On my spare time I run a YouTube Channel dedicated to field recording and a blog where I try to do a a deeper dive into the sounds I like to record and the gear I like to use. Feel free to follow the links below to check them out.


Professionally I have been fortunate enough to record with/for several different companies including Microsoft, Warner Brothers, 343 Industries, Crytek, Boom Library, Signal Studios, Remedy Entertainment, Lionhead Sudios, Frontier Developments, Ruffian Games, RedLynx/Ubisoft, Next Level Games, Airborne Sound, Vancouver Film School, and many others.

My specialties include running large scale sessions for Weapons, Explosions, Vehicles, Crowds, etc as well as working in the field gathering source recordings such as Animals, Ambiences, Machines, Foley (in studio and in the field), Experimental sources and so much more.

I am also highly experienced at planning/prepping/organizing multiple rig sessions, running multiple rigs in challenging environments and traveling domestically and internationally with large amounts of equipment/gear.  


On my spare time I like to constantly record sounds. Whether on a hike, traveling to work or just experimenting with objects I find at home or at a thrift store. I am also active on many social media Field Recording groups and an active participant of crowdsource libraries such as the one run through the Field Recording Slack. 

I also enjoy documenting field recording moments and sessions. I quite comfortable working with 4k cameras to capture video, I am a seasoned photographer as well as an experienced video/photo editor. I also have a strong passion for taking time lapses and hyper lapses.

Here is a rough overview of the personal field recording gear I have collected over the years:


Zoom F3

Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 V2

2 x Sound Devices 702T's

Zoom F8

Schoeps MS Rig (Rycote Blimp) CMIT + CCM 8

Sanken CO 100K (Rode Blimp)

Sennheiser 8070 (Rycote Blimp)

Sennheiser 418 (Rode Blimp)

Sony D100

Sony A10

Roland R07

Zoom H3 VR Ambisonic Recorder

LOM Elektrosluch 3+


Wildtronics SAAM


Sony A7S2 Camera

Sony G Mater 70-200mm F2.8 Lens

Sony Zeiss 55mm F1.8 Lens

Sony 28mm F2 Lens

Fish Eye Adapter

Sony RX100 m4

GoPro Fusion 360 Camera

GoPro Hero 7

DJI Mavic Pro Drone


I am also experienced setting up, running and troubleshooting the follow in the field:

Zaxcom Deva 16

Utilizing all inputs with external pre amps when needed

All Sound Devices series/models of recorders including the 788T


All Zoom Products


Complex Microphone Cable Snake Runs



Jam Sync and Device Slave Options

Ambisonic and Surround Microphones

Complex Microphone Arrays

Including MS, DMS, ORTF, Jecklin Discs, etc. 

Rigging Microphones to objects such as Vehicles

Unloading/Charging Equipment during multiple day shoots