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The official Halo Instagram has been posting behind the scenes clips of our field recording adventures. Currently they release every 2 weeks under the Hashtag

Here are the ones that have been posted so far:

Warning - Some of these videos are quite LOUD when played on a computer due to the compression Instagram applies to them.


My buddy runs a you tube channel where he likes to feature high end cars and their owners. He asked me to help him out with some sound comparison videos so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to test out some of the more popular Stereo Field Recording configurations.

Over a several shoots I did a series of tests comparing several microphones and ways that can be utilized in the field. I tested things such as:

In this video I compare a pair of 8040's in ORTF against a WildTronics SAAM vs Spaced 8020's that are positioned very far apart on several sports cars doing stationary revs. The cars used include a 2009 Ferrari F430 Scuderia, a 2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale and a 2018 BMW M3 CS.

Special thanks to Clark Biard and Ryan Banister for helping me record these cars.

The second test I used the 2018 BMW M3 CS doing drive bys and Stationary Revs. I compared a GoPro Hero 7 (Reference), Sennheiser 416 (Mono), DPA 4061 (Spaced), Sennheiser 8040's ORTF, Sennheiser 8020's in a Jecklin Disc and a Wildtronics SAAM.

In this video the Wildtronics SAAM got the most beef to it's sound. I am not sure why this happened, it might have been the resonance of the SAAM's body reacting to the BMW's exhaust or some sort of compression from the fact that I was using the SAAM's built in pre's going line in to another recorder. I am not 100% sure, I just know I like the sound :)

In hindsight I should have balanced the other recordings to make this one a bit more of a fair comparison to digest. Something I will take into account next time.

Special thanks to Jack Menhorn for helping me record this car.

Thanks to Aaron Brown for mapping out the time stamps to the different mics in the video above's comment section on YouTube.


Here is a comprehensive microphone shoot out I did with my buddy Jesse last year. It has been out for a while but has not been seen by too many folks. It tests many of the most popular recording configurations including:

  • ORTF

  • Spaced Omni's

  • Jecklin Disc

  • SAAM

  • SASS

  • Binaural

  • Ambisonic

  • and so much more.

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