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Vehicle Field Recording for Halo Infinite

This behind the scenes look at the vehicle field recording sessions we did for Halo Infinite was featured on 343 Industries' Twitter and Youtube. It is a compilation on several of the Field Recording Videos we have been releasing on the official Halo Instagram page.

"The 343 Industries Audio Team takes you behind-the-scenes to capture vehicle sounds for Halo Infinite. In this field recording compilation, experience the distinctive sounds of an SUV off the beaten path, El Camino, custom V6 Buggy, helicopter, jet, and even a tractor from 1918. By capturing multiple vehicles with strategically placed microphones, we can isolate specific sounds and use them for a wide array of vehicles in Halo Infinite."

If you enjoyed this video you can find more content like this on the Halo Instagram account. Here is the latest post:

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