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First Month with a pair of LOM Mikro Usi Microphones

I recently picked up a pair of LOM Mikro Usi Microphones.

They are plug in powered microphones that have a 1/8th connector and you can use them directly with handheld recorders such as the Sony M10, Sony D100 or even a Zoom H1.

I have not used plug in powered mics for a couple of years, and I was excited to pick these up because they allow me to get a better stereo image when using hand held recorders and they are small enough to take with me anywhere. The amount of recordings I have do on a daily basis has gone up significantly since I got these mics. And I have gotten some great stereo recordings.

I could not have asked for better timing on the arrival of the Mikro Usi's. They showed up the day before I left on a week long fishing trip to Campbell River BC.

Here is a test I did with the Mikro Usi/M10 combo. I went to Deception Pass, WA with my Girlfriend and was able to capture some nice water sounds. The compact form of this mic/recorder combo gave me the ability to traverse slippery rocks without the fear of losing an expensive rig and still capture high quality sounds.

I used my GoPro Hero 7 to capture all the videos.

Here is another test I did with the Mikro Usi's, this time on a small waterfall near my apartment.

So far I am extremely happy with the Mikro Usi microphones. As an added bonus they record some ultrasonic frequency content when paired with a Sony D100 and recording at a 192Khz sample rate. Not as impressive as a Sanken CO 100K but still pretty nice for a rig that fits in your pocket.

Here is a pic of my new everyday Field Recording Kit:



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