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Sunday Morning Recordings

A member of the Field Recording Slack had a great suggestion. Let's all record just outside of our homes on Sunday Morning and share the sounds on the Slack.

I rolled on a video so I could share the results of my recordings on here as well. To record this scene I used a WildTronics SAAM and my Schoeps MS (Mid - CMIT, Side - CCM8 with a Colette body) rig.

The WildTronics SAAM is a device that was brought into my life randomly a year or so ago and it had really change my perspective as to what is a great sounding field recording rig. SAAM stands for Stereo Ambient Array Microphone. But it is so much more than a microphone. It has built in pres that are super clean which allows it to go 1/8th inch out to a small handheld like a Sony M10 or a Roland R07. Besides that it also has a special enclosure that is designed to mimic the shape of the human head. As a result of that the stereo separation it picks up in recordings is amazing. And can outshine some of the more expensive/high end options in the market in some situations.

To find out more about the Wildtronics SAAM be sure to check out Wildtronic's Website.



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