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Heading down the Oregon Coast to Record Wave Sounds

To celebrate the end of the year, Christmas and some other very important milestones, my girlfriend and I decided to travel down the Oregon Coast to check out the sites and (for me) capture some good Ocean Wave sounds.

This trip was a great opportunity to do a series of comprehensive shootout between some of my more compact field recording rigs. I wanted to focus primarily on the Zoom H3VR, Mikro Usi/Sony M10 and my Sony D100.

Earlier in the year we had taken a trip to Cannon Beach, OR and it was an amazing time. I got a ton of photos, sounds and videos. If you want you can check out some of those recordings on my Youtube Channel.

This time we wanted to go further down the coast to Heceta Beach, OR. The plan was to rent a Airbnb with a great view of the Ocean and easy access to paths and the rocks. On the way back we would stop in Portland for one night.

We headed out and I have to admit I underestimated the length of the drive. It was about 7 hours to drive down the scenic coast way and we did not arrive until it was pretty dark. But when we finally got there we were amazed by the sight, sound and presence of the Ocean.

It was almost scary how powerful it felt. And the Airbnb I found had a private path that lead directly to a secluded spot where I could record the waves. That night before dinner I had to run out and grab a quick recording of it with my LOM Mikro Usi's and Sony M10.

You can imagine my excitement by this development. After dinner I started to plan my morning so I could bust out a couple of rigs before breakfast to capture this spot.

To be continued...



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